Press Valet Service

Let your studio shine with our care packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Custom.
Old paint contains banned additives including poisonous lead. Utilising tried and tested methods such as low PH cleaners,
let’s discuss a valet style to fit your budget.

Brands we know well

Bronze - Per Hour

Mini valet, including clean up, ultrasonic, Steam clean

+ Travel Expenses

Gold - Starting at £150 Per day*

Ultra Deep Clean & Polished Detailing (*Full/Part Strip Down Of Parts* Time Dependant Or Suitability.)

- Ultrasonic With Low PH Solution
- Steam clean
- Cleansing Solution In Parts Washer
- Use of multi stage cleaning pads & or wet abrasive method
- Detailing Polish- ( Multi Stage Polish )
- High Quality Machine wax
- Finishing touches

+ Travel Expenses


Bespoke service to your needs, minimum charges apply
+ ie Sourcing parts, Fabrication, Valet on specific parts of press or Item in studio


Thomas Mayo & co

Thomas Mayo & co

Nomad letterpress

“Thanks again for such a great job on the press . . . every time I walk past I cannot resist cranking that big arm up and down!” – Pat Randle Nomad Letterpress. 

Please read

Old things in the press room can be brittle, everything is done to minimise potential damage. If a replacement part is needed; With regards to rare parts, if none are available then a solution will be fabricated. Any Damage caused by us will be rectified.