How to can I use photopolymer in letterpress?

Photopolymer is perfect if you want to create tatty type or crisp characters. It can hold a safe line of 0.5 and It allows you to produce un bounding designs as Its limitations are endless. 

The cost of a photopolymer is not dependent on how much detail is desired but its price rather by a set size. 

A6 – A5 – A4 – A3 – A2

  • What about using vectors? Of course, in fact it is the best way!  
  • I also love drawing. Can I have them produced into a printing  plate? You can either have the artwork vectorised or exposed as a pdf.  
  • procreate files? Yes! You can either have the artwork vectorised or exposed as a pdf.  

So you make printing plates, how is photopolymer used in letterpress?

Once a printing plate is made it is mounted to a base using an adhesive tape this combined thickness is exactly .918 inches or  23.32mm   British type high – This tape is applied on the back free of charge. Message if you do not want this option. 

The rollers on the printing press are set to type high inking across the face of the raised polymer. Or blind bossed into the paper. 

If you wish to go into a much chunker card, then ordering a Kf152 plate is an option. 

The amount of bite into the stock is determined by the impression set on the press and or amount of packing under the plate or platen/drum. 

Image above shows photopolymer used as a Ink stamp

How does a design get off the computer and into an analog form?