James Whitestone is Graphic Artist. Playing with the mediums of Digital & Analog.

Film, Letterpress, Photography and Design.


I am an artist/printer with a diverse set of skills in both analog and digital photography, illustration, and graphic design. I take pride in having earned a degree with Honours in Graphic Design, which provided me with numerous opportunities to work on varied projects. One such project was the creation of custom wood type, which played a pivotal role in my understanding of the design process. It was during this time that I honed my ability to visualise concepts digitally to then translate designs into a physical form using the medium of letterpress.

Upon completing my degree, I began working in packaging design, where I further enhanced my skills in delivering projects on time and creating original designs. However, as I delved deeper into other forms of art, I became increasingly interested in the creation of more analogue forms. I eventually set up my own studio, where I taught myself to make printing plates and formalise G-code for CNC. Over the years, I have also gained valuable experience in restoring vintage printing machines and delivered print classes at The Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Throughout my journey, I have established numerous collaborations and partnerships with other printers and makers, who are always willing to lend a helping hand whenever problems arise. My passion for the craft and my experiences have instilled the confidence to undertake and deliver any project with creativity, skill, and an unwavering attention to detail.


Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design)

University of Gloucestershire